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In Chennai, almost all the roads, big and small, are covered with either bitumen or concrete from end to end (for the entire width). This is one of the reasons why there is widespread water logging leading to floods during rainy days, leave alone monsoon, in almost every area.

The GCC, as a flood mitigation measure, constructs storm water drains, either on one or both sides of the road and drains precious rainwater into the sea.

Floods will have to be either prevented or considered as an opportunity to recharge the groundwater source by harvesting it. This awareness has come about in the last two years among a small section of the society and also the GCC. Recharge wells (3 , 4 feet dia & 15 feet deep) were dug in several areas of Chennai on the sides of roads where water logging was witnessed. Particular mention may be made of Kalakshetra colony in B.N., lake area in Nungambakkam, & Raja Annamalaipuram.  Mylapore M.L.A Shri  Natraj spent a substantial portion of his constituency fund to dig these recharge wells in the Mylapore area. Our RC was instrumental in digging these RCWS.

Recently WIPRO foundation has come forward to partially fund this project to be carried out in forty locations. They are willing to fund 50% of the cost of each RCW & want individual residents and/ or RWAS to bear the remaining 50%. The cost of each 3 feet dia. and 15 feet deep RCW would cost Rs. 23,000/-

Residents, RWAs who are keen on availing this offer can get in touch with Sekhar Raghavan, Director, Rain Centre. Phone: 044 2441 6134, 0442491 8415 and 96770 43869. Email: sekar1479@yahoo.co.in.

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