Well mapping

Bengaluru well Map – Not long ago, almost every house in Bengaluru had a well. Many of them were closed or fell into disrepair. Biome has been encouraging people to revive these wells and also to dig new wells. Putting these wells on a map will not only help us see how many wells are there in Bengaluru, but also help us to study the shallow aquifer of the city. Click on the pic or the link to open the map.

Put your well on the map – You can help us add to the well map. If you have a well on your property, or know of a well in a park or a temple or any public place, please use this link to submit information about the well, and we will add it to the map. Clicking on the link will open a google form in which you can fill in the details about the well/s. Don’t worry if you are not able to fill in all the details asked for – try and fill in as many as you can.

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