Million Wells

Million Wells

About the Million Wells campaign

The ‘Million Wells for Bengaluru’ campaign was started by the Biome Environmental Trust in July 2015 and is expected to run for ten years, till 2025. The explicit objective of the intervention is to increase the groundwater table in the city while providing livelihoods to the local community of traditional well diggers (called Mannu Vaddars) in Karnataka.

Well mapping

Biome is mapping the open / recharge wells in Bengaluru. If you have a well on your property, or know anyone who has, you can help add to this map.

Well stories

India is a groundwater based civilisation, and wells were always a part of people’s lives. With the advent of piped water, wells slowly disappeared from people’s imaginations. This section hopes to revive that imagination by telling the stories of wells, new and old, and how they still make a difference to people’s lives.

My Well My Life

This presentation gives examples of wells in use in different situations, from a house to an industry to a town.

Breaking Ground – Building Wells

This video on the Million Wells for Bengaluru campaign was made by Puravankara Limited, who have funded several of the open wells revived and recharge wells dug by Biome Environmental Trust.


Do you have any questions about the Million Wells campaign? Go through these FAQs to know more about it.