Kamesh Mahadevan’s well

Kamesh Mahadevan’s well

Kamesh Mahadevan lives in an independent house in Vidyaranyapura. There was a 30 ft deep well in the compound that he said used to hold water throughout the year. But it was located unfavourably from a vaastu point of view, so the elders in the family got it closed.

Kamesh was keen to get another well dug, so he got in touch with Biome for guidance. In September of 2020, Muniyappa dug a well of 3 ft diameter and 20 ft depth. While digging, water was struck at a depth of 15 feet.

The day after the rings were put in, the well had around 5 ft of water. After it rained, the level went up to 13 ft.

All the rainwater running off the rooftop has been routed into this well through a wall-mounted filter. The well held water till December 2020.

Bengaluru’s monsoon started on June 4, 2021. All the water collected in the well in one day’s rain has percolated into the ground. As more and more water percolates, the water table will rise, and the well will hold water for longer and longer periods of time. Once this starts to happen, Kamesh plans to get the water quality tested and see if it could be used for all domestic purposes in the house. Right now the water is used for watering the garden as long as it is available.