Urban Waters - About Us

Urban Waters - About Us

Wipro recognizes the need to look beyond water use efficiency measures within its campus, and towards addressing the challenges of collective stewardship of our urban common water resources, especially our groundwater aquifers and local lakes. It was this shared interest that has brought Wipro, Biome Environmental Trust, ACWADAM, Care Earth Trust and Hyderabad Urban Lab Foundation in partnership to try and understand how to collectively manage urban water resources. 

During the last few years, we have engaged with many communities, encouraged communities to share their stories and data, measured some important data parameters ourselves, and conducted many events to constantly share our evolving learnings with all of you.

Our Journey


As a part of Wipro’s deep commitment to ecological sustainability, Wipro has been involved with multiple environment-related programs both within our business ecosystem and in the civic and social sectors outside. Commonly called eco-eye, the inception of our sustainability program goes back to 2008. The four pillars of our program are: Carbon Mitigation and Energy Efficiency, Responsible Water, Waste and Pollution Management, and Biodiversity.

Our programs’ governance model is driven by the principles of rigorous goal-setting, the involvement of multiple internal and external stakeholders, and a boundary-less perspective of environmental challenges that go beyond regulatory compliance and the business ecosystem.

Our Partners

Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management

A not-for-profit organisation that aims at establishing a groundwater management agenda in India, ACWADAM has set itself an agenda that is based on the science of hydrogeology and the principles of managing a "common pool resource" through scientifically based participatory processes.

Biome Environmental Trust

Biome Environmental Trust focuses on conducting research, public education, practice-to-policy bridging, and policy advocacy in the areas of land-use and land-use planning, energy, water and sanitation. It collaborates with a diverse set of stakeholders - governments, schools, urban and peri-urban communities, resident welfare associations, citizen groups, etc.

Care Earth Trust

Care Earth strives to provide scientific services in the area of biodiversity by assessing the human impact on the environment as well as strategizing methods to improve it. They have been involved in implementing training and capacity building initiatives in the area of biodiversity conservation and have delved deep into developing and sharing resource-based material that push the conservation agenda forward.

Hyderabad Urban Lab Foundation

Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL) Foundation is an interdisciplinary research and action initiative based in Hyderabad. Founded in 2012, by a group of academics and development professionals, HUL has been conducting urban research and community engagement activities on a range of themes related to life in the “Urban.” Their vision is to produce knowledge about the city that leads to a reasonable understanding of the issues and challenges inherent in urban coexistence.

Annual Reports


Urban Waters Annual Report