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An exhaustive contact list of water conservation service providers from Bengaluru

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Urban Waters

Pushing the boundaries of sustainable urban water management in Indian cities

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Note on Constructed wetlands

Chennai Resource

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Aquifer the groundwater bank (PMC)

Pune Resource

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Million wells

Bengaluru Resource

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Urban Waters is a platform that aims to bring together the collective knowledge, experience, and practice of many individuals, communities, practitioners, citizen activists and researchers working on the issues of water in cities in India. It seeks to inform, guide and provide resources aimed at making us water-literate, community-oriented problem solvers who can act responsibly to protect our common urban water resources.

About Us

Wipro recognises the need to look beyond water use efficiency measures within its campus, and towards addressing the challenges of collective stewardship of our urban common water resources, especially our groundwater aquifers and local lakes. It was this shared interest that has brought Wipro, Biome Environmental Trust, ACWADAM, Care Earth Trust and Hyderabad Urban Lab Foundation together in partnership to try and understand how to collectively manage urban water resources.

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